Version 1.2: Options, controller support and an announcement

Hey, gang! It's been a little while, and work updating the game has been slow due to some issues with my wrist, but finally, here's an update introducing some very cool QoL features!

Version 1.2 patch notes:

  • The game now supports controller input!
  • There is now a Windows build! Enjoy!
  • A "pause" menu has been added to the puzzle interface that lets you restart or exit a puzzle.
  • Music and sound effects volume can now be adjusted from the title screen and the "pause" menu.
  • The title screen contains a short "How to Play" slideshow teaching you the basics.
  • Controls should feel a bit better overall.

And with that said, we'd like to announce a project tentatively named Picto Planet, which will act as a separate, greatly expanded version of this jam game! With dozens of new puzzles to tackle, the Pictopals crew will return for a bigger adventure, in which they will explore new worlds introducing several friends to recruit and have charming conversations with. With a revamped soundtrack and fully animated character portraits, this game will be one fans of cute monster-based picross won't want to miss!

Please look forward to it!


Pikupals v1.2 Play in browser
Nov 04, 2020
Pikupals v1.2 38 MB
Nov 04, 2020

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Full release! Amazing! Very much looking forward to seeing Picto Planet :)

Thank you so much! We can't wait to put it out there either.