Version 1.1: Post-Jam Jamboree

Hey gang! We're absolutely floored that Pikupals has made Top 10! And now that the jam has wrapped up, we can add some quick-fix QoL changes we'd been itching to. Nothing huge, but we hope you'll enjoy them!

Version 1.1 patch notes:

  • Bea now has a special ability! With her on the team, empty squares in completed rows and columns will automatically be crossed out.
  • Holding the key down to cross out squares will no longer erase already crossed-out squares, and vice-versa.
  • You now have a brief period of "invincibility" after making a mistake.
  • The puzzle cursor's speed has been tweaked.

As for what lies on the horizon, we're considering adding the following features, though those will take more time:

  • A more robust tutorial! Probably the #1 priority, considering how many people are discovering picross through this game.
  • Controller support!
  • Options to let you adjust BGM and SFX volume, mainly.
  • A "pause" menu for puzzles, so you can adjust those options and exit to the map.
  • "Hard Mode", which turns character abilities off, for experienced players.
  • "Classic Mode", which won't tell you when you made a mistake, for true picross purists.
  • Maybe even... more content?! Wow!
  • Got any more suggestions? Comment here or get in touch to let us know!
  • Stay tuned!


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Sep 14, 2020

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