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A gacha idle game that actually ends truly is the greatest prize of all. Delightful robot character design with a hilarious premise. Nice jam game!


I tried playing in my browser (Chrome), but got a black screen of void. Then I downloaded the game, and the game started playing (to my confusion, as I was doing stuff in another tab while waiting for the game to download). Huh.

Anyways, this is a fun little game. It has good music and art, which helps, as does the rapid pace. I'm a little disappointed that the "something good" is so inconspicuous; it doesn't have a unique banner, or any record that you pulled it, or even an extra Super in its rarity. Even with that disappointment, it was still fun.

Keep in mind that the game was almost entirely made within 48 hours, so we didn't have much time to make the "something good" more than a funny little extra. Still, glad you enjoyed it!


I have nothing to say.

Congrats on the perfect pull.

uhhhhh, so my device can not handle the game and it crashes, most likely my device. anyways that devastates me because i was excited to play the game

That's unfortunate! What is your device exactly?


Browser, Sorry for the late response!


i got the you win ill send a photo from my phone





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Hi! My bad, I had misunderstood something about Unity's export settings. I see those platforms are unchecked now, but if there's still something I need to change, please let me know.

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update again: 

anyways how many band members are there?


Haha, nice!!

There are 15 unique ones, but with multiples it can probably go infinitely... or until the display breaks.


Haha, nice!


i did it


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